I am curious about everyday miracles.

This curiosity fuels my work and brings important insight to everyone I work with. I help people look for their inner joy and invite the opening which allows freedom to show up in our lives and relationships with other beings, both human and furry!

I’m a proud mother to three beautiful boys. We live on a unique partly solar-powered homestead in Appleton, Maine.

I have been teaching and studying yoga for the past 20 years. My dance and movement background informs every class. Using wisdom shared by Erich Schiffmann, my classes have begun to look like this: Relax, Love More, Be Brave, Trust. Repeat.

I also home educate my three sons. I love to share ideas and problem solve around homeschooling and parenting. I look for solutions that support the entire family. I am available to guide, advise and answer questions about homeschooling and unschooling.

While sometimes I actually forget about my alopecia, it is a shiny fact! I was a child of 5 when alopecia areata began to show up in my life as tiny round patches of hair loss. I’ve been through all aspects of this complicated auto-immunity challenge and I’m an outspoken advocate and champion for people with hair loss. I recently co-produced a documentary film about my hairloss experience, Mop Cap: An Alopecia Story.

I recently attended “Loving What Is” with Byron Katie. I find “the work” absolutely life changing and gives me tools for self-inquiry in a way that I’ve longed for – for years now. I invite you to investigate on your own. All the tools are available, for free, at her website below.

I’d like to offer you a recommendation.

Exercise Freedom. You didn’t arrive here in this body at this time in history to repeat conditional patterns. You came to play with freedom. I hereby offer you this certificate to post on your wall, your fridge, carry in your bag… whatever you need to remind you that you are extraordinarily powerful and have more agency than you now utilize. I deem you worthy, powerful and whole. You have already done the hard stuff. Here is an award.