An effective way to communicate with your pet

I help pets with

  • new adoption

  • anxiety

  • nervous peeing, inappropriate urination

  • family changes

  • old age

  • pain

  • pre-travel communication to reduce anxiety

  • death and transition

I do this work to share animal messages
of living in peace, harmony, and joy
As we deal with life’s challenges
with non-judgment and loving-kindness.


What I love so much about communicating with animals is their fresh and undaunted perspective on life and living. They have a point-of-view that is clear and based on loving freedom and joy.
We humans can get so removed from living our joy, we have so many ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ and ‘have to’s‘. Our pets remind us that it is FUN and natural to exercise and greet the day with excitement. They show us that it is right-action to nap when the best napping moment arises. They prove it is good to tend to our emotions and heal ourselves with love.


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