Yoga is how you join together with the infinite. It is accessing the still point and becoming immersed in the present moment.

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Pop Up Live Yoga via Zoom

Would you like a class that I’m not currently offering? Gather some friends, offer this to co-workers, or have a yoga family reunion and I will show up like a magic genie and shower you with ideas, inspiration and nourishing yoga, dance, relaxation and embodiment techniques tailored to suit you. $50 One-hour zoom class.

I’m developing classes and coursework that will be available at your own pace and from anywhere. You’ll find free meditations, yoga classes and other content on Patreon right now. Bonus content is available to paid patrons starting at $5. See more at Patreon

Additional Classes, Workshops and Groups

Yoga coaching for resilience: We work one on one to meet your goals using yoga, bodywork, play and intuition. One private session per week plus phone/text/email support throughout your session. 3 weeks.

6 weeks of Navigating change: Let’s get through this together. So much change can be overwhelming. It is a call to wake up to dormant abilities. We will harness intention through creativity, mapping, yoga, and breath work to create space for our emergent integral self to arise. 6 weeks. Sign up only. Group size limited.

Intuitive Readings and Coaching

More often than we recognize, there is an awareness available to us containing all the answers and wisdom you need in this moment to navigate challenges on your path toward an ever-emergent, satisfying, joyous life. An intuitive guidance session can help you re-establish a connection to your guidance system and retrieve wisdom that may not be clearly presenting itself. Blending intuitive guidance with yoga brings strength to this inner wisdom and allows it to unfold with a personal practice of ease and joyful physicality.

Via Video or Phone and at the Appleton home studio.

$100. Intuitive sessions are between 45 min-1.5 hours. My timezone is EST. Available worldwide.

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“Ann is a skilled instructor with keen powers of observation, the ability to extrapolate from what she sees and use it to tailor a yoga program to perfectly suit the individual.

Her holistic approach to the practice and her knack for making each student feel comfortable create an environment in which it is easy to learn.”

-Carol V.

Yoga – which is a yoking of body and mind – is also dancing and singing and it is walking in the woods, and a good meal. It is that feeling of being absolutely content and in love with myself. It is that feeling of being at peace with time. It comes from self-love, devotion, selfless service, practicing asanas and pranayamas and self-inquiry. There are so many ways to become connected, embodied and joyful. My passion is sparked in my curiosity that leads to another discovery (and another!) of union with body and mind to serve my spirit.

-Ann Hedly