My experience with Ann resulted in answered questions and a decision to not re-home one of my dogs. Ann listened to all of us (myself and my two dogs) with compassion and was able to convey my dogs’ personalities (right down to word choice) to me throughout the conversation. It made for a very lively and fruitful discussion! Afterwards, I saw immediate changes in behavior: more snuggling, more sweetness and not one more scuffle between dogs. I also very much appreciated how she added into the conversation opportunity for self-reflection regarding the animals that we bring into our lives. I can whole-heartedly say that my dogs and I are all happier and more settled due to Ann’s help.
-Mandy T.
Thank you so much for this. I feel some ease in my heart. I don’t know how to thank you for this, my heart and emotional well being needed this.
-Crystal Lynn V.
Ann astonished me with how accurate she was about my dog. There’s no way she could have possibly known what she told me, and captured the very soul and character of my dog. She not only helped me release worries I had about past events with Annie, but did it with a safe and gentle spirit. As a psychic myself, I’m very hard to impress. Ann left me in joyful tears, without any way to doubt that she is anything but indeed VERY psychic and tuned in to my pet and the other side. I highly recommend her to everyone and anyone.
-Stephanie Roman, Psychic and Divine Channel at Divine Intervention Readings
Ann helped us communicate with our dog thousands of miles away. We felt that what she said was accurate and that she was really hearing him. Working with Ann brought us a feeling of relief. We highly recommend her!
-Heather M.

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