My practice is always changing


Today I want to share my own practice.

This is not me being a teacher. This is me playing with my practice by enjoying music and flow. My experience of yoga is so many things and asana is just one of them.

In daily practice we must ask ourselves: “What do I need to offer myself so that I may be expansively me in my day? What will have me feeling good and alive, awake and inspired to experience this day?”

Because we are thinking-feeling-beings, the answer is just never going to be the same all the time. Be ready to respond to the inner voice which will guide you along in a lively and ever-changing personal practice.

And so we play. We discover ourselves anew each day. Ask yourself in the morning “What would you like today sweetheart?”

And if the answer is coffee – do that as you’ve never done before. Smell the beans, bless the coffee, thank the growers and roasters, savor the taste, sit and be with that experience. Don’t rush it. Let it be the very practice that brings you closer to yourself.

Everyday whatever you choose, you can get closer to knowing yourself through bringing awareness to anything. Whatever happens to be in front of you. Whatever has come up. Whether you are young or old and whether you think you love yourself or not. Returning home to yourself is the goal. This is not a mistake. This is the path you’ve been on all along.

May you be inspired to love what your heart loves and may you have the strength to seek it.


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