Love Self Love

As I keep on asking questions and looking at them through the lens of yoga, there is a sure wisdom that keeps coming back again and again:

Self love is THE healing force.

This is life force energy moving through us, in us and around us. I want to experience this more, not less. My practice and my teaching is reflecting the search for how to find joyful embodiment and full-flowing prana, not only in yoga ‘practice’ but in life itself, every moment, every day.

AND the practice of loving-the-self allows for an opening where inner light is unsheathed. This flow from inner to outer and then back again provides a kind of loving abundance which I can only understand as prana in motion.

I’m putting this here because it has to be in a place I can go back to it again and again. Making vows to myself is a huge part of the self-love practice. Thank you, Rob, for placing it so eloquently on the interweb and for free!

I me wed.

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